Personal Testimonies

Tabita’s Testimony

My name is Tabita Cioloca and I am from Romania. I came to UK to study in Edinburgh but before going there I worked for a month in the lovely city of London as an au pair. READ MORE

Glen’s Testimony

My name is Glen, originally from Romford in Essex. I’m 24 years old and I work as a flooring contractor. I’m also a musician in my spare time. READ MORE

Demi’s Testimony

My name is Demi. I’m 23, from Bulgaria, but have been living in London for 4 years. I graduated from Middlesex University and since then I have been working as a guitar and piano teacher.  READ MORE

A Jewish Believer – My Personal Story

I was raised in a small Jewish community, where my family were members of the local synagogue. Although I was fairly assimilated, I received a rudimentary Jewish education, and came to know and enjoy something of the special atmosphere of the Jewish festivals, READ MORE

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