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I was raised in a small Jewish community, where my family were members of the local synagogue. Although I was fairly assimilated, I received a rudimentary Jewish education, and came to know and enjoy something of the special atmosphere of the Jewish festivals, especially the evening of the First night of Passover, when a communal “seder” evening was held, and the account of the journey of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and their redemption by the God of Israel was related in the “Haggadah”. This was a major impetus for me to learn more about my Jewish background, and tied in naturally with my abiding interest in the Bible, and the civilizations of the Ancient Near East. Some of the Jewish students from the local university would often come to my parents’ home to study Jewish Bible commentaries, and aspects of the Jewish festivals.

This motivated me to a deeper study of the Hebrew language. Initially, I studied biblical Hebrew, continuing with a course in modern Hebrew in Israel, and completing my Hebrew studies in England. During this time, I encountered various orthodox Jews, who welcomed me to their homes, and encouraged me to become a more observant Jew. Whilst I found much fulfilment in my more committed way of life, I was often haunted by doubts about some of my Jewish beliefs.

At some point, I became aware that my brother had become a believer in Yeshua-Jesus. Despite this, I wanted to preserve our good relationship. After some years, I came into contact with a very knowledgeable non-Jewish biblical scholar. He was willing for me to keep in touch with him, if I ever wished to raise questions about some biblical texts. After a year or so, I entered into a period of correspondence with him, which led me, to my surprise, to come to the point where I believed that there was at least as much to recommend the Christian view of Scripture, as there was of the traditional rabbinic viewpoints. At this juncture, my friend suggested that I call on the Lord to show me the truth. The time came when I was fully persuaded that Yeshua-Jesus was the Messiah of Israel, and trusted in Him for salvation.

As a Jewish believer in Yeshua-Jesus, I know that He is with me, to guide and help me always.

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