Glen’s Testimony

GlenMy name is Glen, originally from Romford in Essex. I’m 24 years old and I work as a flooring contractor. I’m also a musician in my spare time. Where I grew up Christianity and faith sadly was not emphasized or seen as important by a lot of people. As such I grew up with a limited and flawed understanding of who Jesus is and what He does for us. I had no belief as to what comes after death and it was a subject I avoided and chose not to think about. I didn’t change until earlier this year when I met Demi and was completely reintroduced to the gospel by somebody with very passionate and sound theological understanding. As I read the Bible more and more and listened to sermons I began to understand more about Jesus and everything He does for us. I read what he said and became fascinated. I decided I wanted to seek faith in God and I wholeheartedly threw myself into seeking it. I read and I prayed passionately and I thought about His word. One day I felt I was answered and I had a feeling I can only describe as feeling like I was breathing in a hot air balloon full of air. I felt huge emotion as I felt myself believe for the first time. Since then my faith has grown as I have read and prayed more. I asked God for a way to help my anxiety and I was answered. My morals changed and I became a new creature. I fail to even imagine the man I was as I was still a man of this world. I was lost and totally confused before. I was prideful and arrogant and was morally corrupted by the company I kept. I felt pressured by society to behave and think a certain way which I felt deep in my heart was wrong. And it was a feeling I never understood until finding God and realizing it was Him who put those feelings all along. When God saved me from that I felt made anew. I want to live for God and praise Him in all that I do, for everything He has done for me, out of love.

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