Tabita’s Testimony

TabitaMy name is Tabita Cioloca and I am from Romania. I came to UK to study in Edinburgh but before going there I worked for a month in the lovely city of London as an aupair.

Coming from a Christian family I knew I needed to go to church so I went to a couple of churches in North Finchley but I decided to stay with Kensit Evangelical Church.

Coming to Kensit Evangelical Church was not just visiting a church building; the people in it were the church. Looking back, I can just thank the Lord for bringing me there. I got the chance to meet international people from China, Nigeria – preparing me for the International Fellowship I’m attending in Edinburgh. I got the chance to be encouraged in my faith, gain confidence in speaking with non-Christians, especially with people from the Muslim background and guess what, my first job in Edinburgh was in a Turkish restaurant where I gave my boss a Bible and I was speaking about the Lord.

One thing I was worried about before arriving in Edinburgh was finding a Godly church. The decision was even harder as there are so many good churches here. After living in Edinburgh for a year and a half I had to move my flat and with a new area it was better to go to a local church. Charlotte Chapel was on my list of churches, as pastor Spencer from London recommended me to go there. I felt part of the family even from the first time I attended International Fellowship on Fridays and the church service on Sundays.

I always remember the love of the people from Kensit Evangelical Church. Being treated to my first Fish & Chips… it might seem something small or insignificant for someone used to it but for an 18 year old girl (back then) it was a joy and blessing. I do believe God works through people and I saw His love upon me so much at that time. When the time came to go and start my course, a girl from the church, Joanna, offered to come and help me with my luggage at 7 am in the morning. I know that’s Christian love, but I wonder how often I do it? Meeting someone for the first time and already “laying your life” for them…

God kept me under His wing in Edinburgh too, even though I was worried about finding a place to live. I remember pastor Spencer emailing people from the Christian Union at Napier asking if they knew anyone who was willing to share a flat. I lived with a Muslim couple in the first 9 months and after that I got the blessing of finding a flat with some Christian girls.

God is still writing my story and even though the plan is to go back to Romania and get married I feel a part of me will still be in UK. How can’t it be differently when I know I have another family here? With the hope that even though I might not see everyone again, we will meet in heaven.

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