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Many people decide to make KEC their spiritual ‘home’. Some will be workers; some will be mothers or home-makers; some will be retired; some will be students or even still at school; some won’t fit easily into any category! Together we are a Church Family because we want to express our commitment to one another as a result of our commitment to Jesus Christ.

Most of the Church Family attend the Sunday Morning Service. This begins with all ages meeting together. Parents with young children are welcome to use our crèche for the preaching part of the service. This includes an audio link to the main meeting. Many of the Church Family will also be present for the Sunday Evening Service, as well as the Thursday evening Prayer and Bible Study.

Children and Young people of those inside or outside the Church Family are welcome at our Explorers Club or Matrix Youth Group. Parents & Toddlers and Women have their own gatherings. Anyone wanting to know more about Christianity is welcome at one of our Christianity Explained classes and, of course, to any of our other meetings too.

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