Reading the Bible Together

  1. What did you learn about Jesus?
  2. What did you learn about yourself?
  3. How were you corrected and rebuked?
  4. How do you feel you need to change to be the “servant of God thoroughly equipped for every good work”?
  5. What did you learn from the Scripture that will help you endure and be encouraged?
  6. What did you learn that will teach you to do works of service to build up the church at Kensit Evangelical Church?
  7. What have you learnt that helps you love the Lord your God with all your heart & with all your soul & with all your mind?
  8. What has helped you love your neighbour as yourself?

December Paul’s first letter to Timothy 4th January
November Romans 7th December
October 2 Kings 2nd November
September 1 Kings 5th October
August Gospel of John 7th September
July 2 Samuel 3rd August
June 1 Samuel 6th July
May Gospel of Mark 1st June
April Judges 4th May
March Joshua * 6th April
February Deuteronomy 2nd March
January 2017 Colossians 2nd February
December Philippians 5th January
November Ecclesiastes 1st December
October Numbers 3rd November
September Gospel of Luke 6th October
August Hosea 8th September
July Jude 4th August
June Judges 7th July
May Leviticus 2nd June
April 2 Thessalonians 5th May
March 1 Thessalonians 7th April
February Joshua * 3rd March
January 2016 Gospel of Matthew * 4th February
December Micah 7th January
November Psalm 107 – 150 (5th Book) 3rd December
October Psalms 90 – 106 (4th Book) 5th November
September Psalms 73 – 89 (3rd Book) 1st October
August Psalms 42 – 72 (2nd Book) 3rd September
July Psalms 1 – 41 (1st Book) 6th August
June Acts of the Apostles 2nd July
May Exodus 4th June
April Hebrews 30th April
March Job 9th April
February Galatians 5th March
January 2015 Genesis 5th February
December Ruth 8th January
November Ephesians 4th December
October Gospel of Matthew * 6th November
* We have read these books twice!


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