We extend a warm welcome to all Middlesex University Students. We have a church lunch after the morning service on the first Sunday of each month to which you will be very welcome.


“I was instantly warmly welcomed by everyone”

My name is Demi, and I studied music at Middlesex University, in London.Demi Cielo

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, but have spent most of the past three years studying in London. I am also a songwriter, composer and guitar teacher.

I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, however it is since last summer that my faith was drastically renewed during a personal “investigation” of Christianity.

Last year, only a few weeks after returning to London in October 2013, I was drawn to join Kensit Evangelical Church (as I recently moved to the area) and that has been one of my best decisions since coming to England!

I was instantly warmly welcomed by everyone and made friends on the very first Sunday. I felt free to share my story with the people there as if I had known them for years! And since then I’ve gradually come to see them as a second family that I can trust and rely on.

We have had countless lovely Sunday meals and get-togethers which have allowed me to form some great friendships! What I now realise is that everyone paid attention and truly noticed me from the very beginning, which is unlike any Christian community experience I have had before!

I am extremely grateful and would definitely love to see Christian hospitality being practised in more places!

Demi Cielo

International Student from Bulgaria

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