Lokichoggio – Prayer Points Reminder

18th July 2019

  • Pray for much gospel fruit in years to come.
  • Tomorrow I fly to Nairobi before the onward flight to London.


15th July 2019

  • The humid weather has caused a few problems. The compound manager has had to leave because his daughter who lives far away is sick. His deputy has also been taken ill with malaria. This means I am pretty busy. Please pray for me to know the Lord’s grace, endurance and strength.


2nd July 2019

  • Pray that we will continue to know the Lord’s help in teaching and be wise about the level at which we pitch the lessons. The differential between the English of the best students and those whose English is minimal is quite wide.
  • That all the students will fully grasp and understand the gospel.
  • Klaas-Jan is leading devotions on Friday, and I am preaching in the church on Sundays.
  • That the main issues that we need to address will all be raised and handled. Some critical issues are raised by the students themselves asking questions.
  • That we will continue to have good health. Some of the students are complaining about health issues – mainly caused by recurring malaria.


29th June 2019

  • For the Lord’s help in teaching that we will be clear, relevant and understood.
  • That we will have strength for the day in hot and humid conditions.
  • For the situation in South Sudan where there is still tribal tension and that this will not unsettle the students.
  • For the older students who are already pastors, some preaching to congregations of up to 7,000 people.
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