Lokichoggio 2016

Our Pastor Spencer Cunnah will now be away until 26th July, teaching at the Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF) Training Programme in Lokichoggio, Northern Kenya. This is the only training that many of the church leaders who attend will ever have. Some of them are seeking to pastor or serve in very large churches having only ever had elementary education themselves due to the political turmoil and violence in South Sudan and elsewhere.  The Training they receive through this programme could therefore have long term benefits for many years to come.  During the time he is away you will be able to read his email reports which will be posted here.

Un-kenya part

1st July 2016 – Arrived Safely

Just a quick email to let everyone know that I am safely at the MERF compound in Lokichoggio. I have started teaching straight away on Friday afternoon. There are twenty students mostly south Sudanese but also some from Kenya and Tanzania. I’m also preaching on Sunday. The main problem seems to be the wide range of ability and Bible knowledge among the students, from those who have excellent English to those who can’t read more than a few simple words. I value everyone’s on-going prayers.

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