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  • 28th April 2018

    Reading the Bible Together – 1 Chronicles

    May 2018 – The book we are reading this month is the first book of Chronicles, which is the 13th book of the Old…

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  • 28th April 2018

    International Friendship Evening

    After spending the day in front of the TV watching the Royal Wedding and/ or the Cup Final, why not…

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  • 25th April 2018

    Men’s Breakfast

    A Men’s Breakfast has been arranged for 9.30am on Saturday 28th April. We are meeting at Vero’s Caffé, 16 Sussex Ring, N12…

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  • 2nd April 2018

    News from Oliver – March 2018

    New Teams being Established Oliver is now setting up teams to help with the schools work. One of the new…

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  • 1st April 2018

    Reading the Bible together – Philemon

    April 2018 – The book we are reading this month is Paul’s letter to Philemon, which is the 18th book of the New Testament….

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  • 13th March 2018


    A trial and a cross? An agonising death? A stone tomb? A man returned to life? For many, Easter doesn’t mean much…

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